Garden Fresh Gluten Free Arugula Pizza

What do you do when you have garden fresh arugula and basil? Make a pizza! Well, there are many things you can do with these two ingredients, but I really wanted to highlight them by making them the stars of a pizza. Pairing them with this gluten free crust recipe from Living Without magazine was clearly the right thing to do. My first intention was to do a pesto sauce, but I realized that I’d upstage the arugula and possibly make a flavor clash if I did. So, I decided to just go with olive oil on the crust (though a little minced garlic would also be nice now that I think about it…). Although arugula is already quite peppery on its own, especially when picked the same day it’s being used, you should put a bit more fresh cracked pepper with it as the nutrients become more bioavailable (according to a good friend of mine with whom I shared this pizza).

Everyone said this was the best gluten free crust they've ever had.
Everyone said this was the best gluten free crust they’ve ever had.


Once the crust is ready to go this pizza comes together quite quickly, so it’s a good choice for a healthful meal on a busy night if you have a ready made crust. It’s also a good choice if you want to take some time to make a crust from scratch. In the ingredients list I am estimating at the amount of each topping used, and this is fine to do because you might more or less of something that you really like. But, it’s a good starting point. You can also choose not to use the feta, but you’ll lose some of the saltiness so add it back in with a few pinches of quality finishing salt. I also added a tablespoon of chia seed to the crust recipe for some extra nutrition. Feel free to leave this out as it was not a part of the original recipe. Chopped chicken breast would also be outstanding here.

Super crispy and well flavored.
Super crispy and well flavored.


I invited a friend to join us for dinner and Battlestar Galactica time, and although she wasn’t a huge fan of the show she was a huge fan of the pizza. She declared it the best gluten free crust she’d ever had, and Devin agreed. They both really loved the freshness of the toppings; and we all had to restrain ourself from devouring both pizzas in one evening.

Garden Fresh Gluten Free Arugula Pizza


  • One recipe of Easy Gluten Free Pizza Crust by Living Without (or 2 ready made medium crusts)
  • Cornmeal
  • 4 Tb good tasting olive oil (plus extra for the pan and drizzling)
  • 4 cups roughly chopped arugula
  • 4 ounces feta, crumbled
  • Zest of one lemon
  • 1/2 cup of basil leaves, medium chiffonade
  • 1 tsp cracked black pepper

Place your pizza crust onto an oiled pizza pan sprinkled with cornmeal. Onto your unbaked pizza crust brush 2 tablespoons of olive oil (you can use your fingers or a basting brush). Top each crust with half of the arugula, half of the feta, half the lemon zest, and half the basil. Sprinkle each with half of the black pepper. Bake at 450F for 20-25 minutes. Drizzle the baked pizzas lightly with olive oil.

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