Meal Plan 6/14/2012 – 6/20/2012

This week I’m trying something different. As you can see above, I have posted an image of my meal plan for the week. I do hope it didn’t take terribly long to open in your browser. Up until this point I’ve been all pencil and paper. I just finished the last page of my¬† spiral notebook, so I decided to try something different this week. I used Pages to create my meal plan. I thought it was pretty cute too because of the different fonts, and the picture. I’ve seen this picture all over the web lately, and since I too am joining in the BBQ season this weekend I thought it suited me just right. I hope nobody gets mad at me for using the image. I don’t mean to infringe upon anyone’s copyright.

Anyway, I thought about attaching my shopping list to this as well, but I’ll just leave what I need to buy up to your imaginations. Oh, haha, I just noticed the grammatical issue Pages found in “Cassoulet with Lots of Vegetables.” However, that’s how Mark Bittman wrote it in his book “Food Matters.” You’ll see by some of the items on the list various notations. The abbreviations are cookbook titles, things I need to do in advance, and any other thing I need to remember.

I haven’t really been big on planning breakfasts, but I wanted to make a quick bread this week and I didn’t want to forget. So, there it is. I just added in the yogurt and teff as well so that I’ll know those are options. I also have never been a snack planner, but since we’re really trying to be more healthful around here I wanted to make sure there were healthful snacks available. Devin loves pickles (his eyes got really big when we were talking about them a few days ago), and he likes salty snacks as well. So, I figured high protein chickpeas and some pickles would be the way to go. If my pipinola plants had produced last year I would have canned a bunch of pipinola pickles. (Pipinola are chayote/mirliton.)

Friday night is the Makawao town party. This time they’re shutting down part of the road. That should make things interesting. I hope we find good parking, though I don’t mind a little walking (as long as I wear comfortable shoes). I didn’t plan a meal for that night because I know there will be a safe food vendor there. Star Anise. The curry is gluten free, and sometimes she brings gluten free samosas! Yum.

Oh, and if you want to know what Mmm sauce is, check it out on Peas and Thank You. I learned about it from Healthy Tipping Point. I do hope that Whole Foods isn’t out of my safe Tempeh this week. If they are, well, then I’ll figure out something else to go in its place. Maybe some cast iron tofu.

Happy, healthy eating!

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