Restaurant Review: Milagros

Last week I went for dinner with a friend to Milagros Food Company in Paia. Their style is a Maui style take on American-Mexican cuisine. The menu consists mainly of tacos, burritos, enchiladas, and salads. They do have vegetarian options for all of the above. They also have a large selection of margaritas and a wide variety of tequilas available.

I myself started out with some chips and salsa plus a Li Hing Mui margarita. If you don’t know what Li Hing Mui is then you must try it. The Li Hing powder on the rim is salty, sweet, and sour. I couldn’t get enough! It paired quite well with the margarita, which while not being the best margarita I’ve had was pretty good. I felt it was a little weak on flavor, and seemed a bit watery.


My friend, who is also gluten free, ordered fajitas with corn tortillas instead of flour. These had a delicious sauce on them, and I wish I had ordered them myself

Now, here’s the annoying part about this restaurant. They’re probably so tired of all of the special requests they get from the local clientele that they didn’t want to make what I wanted. But, I persisted and got what I asked for. All I wanted was an enchilada but without the enchilada sauce and with salsa on top instead. I don’t think that’s too much to ask for. But, I got the serious run around from my waitress about how the kitchen doesn’t like special orders. She didn’t even go ask them before she tried to turn down my request. That is seriously bad service right there.

While I didn’t get sick, and I may eat there again, the food was a little dull. Nothing was super exciting except the Li Hing powder on my drink and the sauce on my friend’s fajitas (which was actually a little sweet for fajitas).

If you’re in Paia and you don’t want to spend 20 dollars on a small gluten free pizza from Flatbread, then check out Milagros. There aren’t a lot of options for gluten free dining on Maui, so you have to make the most of what you can eat.

Update 11/29/10: I had the nachos last night and I was made quite ill. I’d avoid them. I had the shredded chicken with them. So, I called Milagros and asked what was in the marinade and none of the ingredients contained gluten. So, maybe it was just a serious case of cross contamination. That’s the life of eating out and eating gluten free.

Update 2013: The chips are made on site in a shared fryer. That’s what made me sick in 2010. I’ve learned to ask at every place serving tortilla chips whether or not they’re fresh made on site, and whether or not they’re made in a shared fryer. I have eaten here a few times since 2010, and I’ve not been made sick again. I make my celiac very clear, and I’ve

Be careful!

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