Quick Update

Here’s a quick report of what I’ve found out lately here on Maui:

Penne Pasta Cafe in Lahaina is having issues with cross contamination. I found a wheat noodle in an order of my pasta, and then I found another in the order they gave me after I sent the first back. I was made ill, and I wasn’t happy. I contacted the owner of the restaurant (who is also the owner of Mala in Wailea, Mala in Lahaina, and all of the Maui Tacos locations) and he said that he would speak with his cook about the issue. I’ll let you know when I found out if they’ve fixed this problem.

Maui Ocean Vodka had a representative at Costco yesterday promoting their organic vodka. I asked what it was distilled from and I was told that it is distilled from sugar cane and from deep ocean water off of the islands. She also said that the product is marketed as a gluten free vodka. This is good news for those who are worried about any and all grain alcohols. While distilled alcohols like vodka are considered safe by some (even some of the big name gluten free bloggers: Gluten Free Girl has been known to drink whiskey), others find that they are made ill by grain distilled alcohols.

Flatbread Pizza Company in Paia has gluten free crusts still, even though their original supplier moved off island. They are now sourcing their crusts from Mommy’s Muffins.

And Mana still has the biggest supply of gluten free pasta at good prices, as well as Bob’s Red Mill Gluten Free Oatmeal on sale right now for $5.79 per bag. There is also another gluten free oatmeal brand available at Mana, but in a smaller bag at the same price.

I hope you’re all well, unglutened, and happy!

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