First Fridays & Maui Macaroons

On the first Friday of every month Market Street in Wailuku is shut down to vehicle traffic to allow island residents and visitors to mingle in the street. While walking up and down the road patrons can view handmade crafts, and taste delectable delights, made by local artisans.

First Friday is where I first met Aunty Judi, the wonderfully sweet woman behind Aunty Judi’s Gluten-Free Kitchen. Her gluten-free bread is the best I’ve ever had. It’s soft, strong, and perfect for foods from sandwiches to French toast.

UPDATE: Aunty Judi moved.

Last night I had another tasty treat from Maui Macaroons & More. While I wasn’t certain they were gluten free, the ingredients in the classic and mac-nut macaroons appeared safe. I wasn’t certain of the butterscotch or chocolate chips as sometimes these are sweetened with grains. So, Devin and I purchased a little pack of the classics for 2 dollars (after sampling her offerings).

Walking down the street in a comfortable dress and mary-janes, listening to live bands, and munching on a sweet little local macaroon was like being in a movie. It all flowed so nicely.

Today I decided to look up the Maui Macaroons & More website, and what did I see on their home page? I saw the words “and as always, Gluten-Free.”

That warranted a shout across the house to Devin telling him of the good news.

I’m so happy to see more local bakers catching up with the times. Heck, they’re doing better than most major companies that have the financial resources for testing.

Way to go Maui Macaroons & More, way to go Aunty Judi, and way to go to all the little bakers bringing an exemplary eating experience to us who eat gluten-free.

Thank you.

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