Meal Plan June 4-11


Here’s an issue that comes up when trying to buy locally and relying on farmers to have a particular food available:

Not being able to get what you want.

Today I wanted 2 bunches of spinach and a bunch of kale, but I went to the farm stand last and was met with neither. I could have bought local spinach at the Superette, but I had already been there. It also would have been more expensive at the Superette, and that’s why i didn’t purchase any there.

Tonight I’ll have to make do without the spinach for our vegetable side. I had intended to make sauteed spinach with pine nuts (from The Gluten Free Vegan), but now I’ll be heating up some organic frozen mixed veggies from Costco. I prefer to save those for real emergencies, or making big batches of Shepherd’s Pie for the freezer.

At least I had organics to fall back on, but who knows the level of evil in Costco organics. In my readings I’ve discovered that some industrial organics companies sneak around the rules of organics and are thus breaking the picture of organics as I have them in my mind.

The chicken I bought is from Coastal Range Organics, and the chickens are fed an organic vegetarian diet and are free range. I’m happy about the free range part, but since there isn’t really any regulation on the term this could simply mean that there is a door to a small pen outside, but that doesn’t mean the chickens actually go through it. I also don’t believe chickens are meant to be vegetarians as they eat worms and bugs naturally. Feeding organic chickens organic corn is silly. Pasture raised is a better idea, but that is even more expensive and hard to find than what I was able to purchase. However, I still feel that this was a much better buy than purchasing factory farm chicken just because it’s a dollar cheaper per pound.

If I can make my budget work to include happy meat then I will buy meat. If not, then I’ll eat tofu (which isn’t necessarily better for the land either because of the deforestation and water needed to grow and produce the soy beans and tofu).

We can’t always eat our ideals, but we can try.

I’ll go out tomorrow and purchase some kale at the Superette for my stew this coming week. At least it’s still organic and local. If there’s no kale, I’ll get chard or spinach.

Here’s the meal plan for the week, and the total cost of what I had to buy:

Indian Style Apricot Chicken(Incredibly Easy Gluten Free Recipes)
Vegan Chili & Gluten-Free Cornbread
Crockpot Gumbo(Crockpot365, replacing the okra with local zucchini)
Shiitake Tofu Sushi Maki
Thai Green Chicken(organic thighs) Curry & Jasmine Rice
Spicy Sausage Stew with Gluten-Free Portuguese Sweetbread

One meal will be carried over to next week because we’re going out Saturday night to watch our friends’ band. So, I’ll probably hold over the meal the kale was needed for.

Total without kale: $103.64

Total under budget without kale: $16.36

Total store savings: $6.61

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