Congratulations Hawai‘i!

Passion Flower (a.k.a. Lilikoi blossom)


Today Hawai‘i passed a marriage equality bill through its last stage of our state congress. It still needs to be signed by our governor, who has the intention of signing the bill into law. Seeing no reason this will not happen, I am happy to go ahead and say thank you to all of those people who worked so hard to make this happen. Thank you to our legislators who voted in favor (and endured days of nearly endless testimony of both the perfectly sane and far gone varieties). Thank you to national and state organizations such as Human Rights Campaign and Equality Hawai‘i. And, an extra special thank you to the volunteers (e.g. my friend Kyle) who put in countless hours of phone calls, canvasing, and public education campaigns. Finally, if you even signed your name to one online petition in favor of marriage equality (either in Hawai‘i or another state), thank you for letting the world know how important the recognition of love and human rights truly are.

I know I lost a few followers on Twitter, but I know I gained even more than I lost over the last few weeks as the state in which I live worked toward equality. If you stuck with me through it, thank you to you too. If you’re new, welcome and thank you! To those who left, I’d say I’m sorry you’re gone, but that wouldn’t be the full truth. I’m more sorry that you can’t see your fellow human beings as equal to you, and worthy of the same rights you have. I hope some day you’ll learn to see the humanity we all share.

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