Product Review: Jeff’s Naturals

Olives. It seems like people either love them, or hate them. Yet, I seem to fall somewhere in the middle. For most of my life I have despised olives. They just tasted so wrong to me. Especially the green ones. Yet, in the last couple of years I have taken a minor liking to kalamata olive tapenade. It seemed like it was probably the only way I’d like olives.

Then I tried Jeff’s Naturals kalamata olives. I randomly saw this line of certified gluten free products on the shelf as I was walking down the aisle of condiments. I figured that since I had liked kalamata olive tapenade that I might like kalamata olives on their own. So, I picked up a jar. I took them home, chopped them up, and threw them on a pizza. They rocked! I then popped one in my mouth, and I fell for them. Hard. I now have two jars in the fridge, and I seem to be putting them on a lot of my food.


Last week I noticed that the line had capers. I have liked capers for most of the last decade, and considered it odd since I didn’t like olives. Especially the green ones (I know I said that already, but it’s worth repeating). I picked up a jar, opened it last night, and about half the jar is gone already (I even splashed a bit of the liquid into my pasta for extra kick. Yum!). I’m so glad they’re not expensive.

The last item in the photo are the pepperocinis. I like pepperocinis. They used to call them banana peppers at Subway. In the past I’d get a six inch veggie delight and have them load it up with these mild, tangy zips of flavor. The thing about pepperocinis is that they’re spicy, but not lingeringly spicy. They’re more zippy than spicy. There’s even a little pucker action that happens when I eat them. They make my salivary gland come alive! Jeff’s Naturals offers stand up pepperocinis that I am happy to buy a jar of for less than $3.00(US). I’m also happy about that price since Devin could probably devour the whole jar if given the chance. I won’t have to ration these!


I’m really thrilled that there is a company out there making certified gluten free, vegan, kosher, non-GMO, organic jarred olives, peppers, sundried tomatoes and capers. I haven’t seen them anywhere but Mana yet, but if you have please let me know where on the island you’ve spotted them.

Note: I was not compensated in any way to write this review. I spent our own money buying these products and chose to review them on my own.

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