Restaurant Review: Maui Brick Oven – CLOSED

**Update: Maui Brick Oven has CLOSED.

School got the better of me after I ventured out to Hawai‘’s first ever 100 percent gluten free restaurant, that’s why it has taken me a while to write this up. But, now I have a moment, so, here you go!

Introducing, Maui Brick Oven. Hawai‘i’s first 100 percent gluten free restaurant. You may be wondering if Brick Oven means pizza. Yes, yes it does. It means ridiculously good pizza. It means ultra thin and crispy pizza. Just look at that crust!

What a beauty! Totally gluten free.
It’s so thin!

I can’t do tomato sauce now, so it was perfect that they had a pesto based pizza called The Mediterranean. It had pesto, olives, goat cheese, and onions (which I probably shouldn’t have eaten, but I did. I felt fine after eating them). Devin had pepperoncini on his half. They come with it, but I had to skip them because of the spiciness. I bet they paired well with the rest of the ingredients.Oh, and Devin had to note that the olives didn’t taste like crappy canned olives. The flavors were very well balanced, and I loved the level of salt. It really was perfect. Not too little, not licking a salt block, but just right. I’m glad I also opted for the goat cheese instead of regular mozzarella. It seemed to go with the theme, and it’s easier on my stomach than cow dairy. I will say it would be nice if they had a dairy free cheese available. Something like Teese, or Daiya.

The server was friendly, and the hostess/one of the owners was a very kind woman. Oh, and how geeky awesome is it that they are using an iPad as a POS? Super awesome. The kitchen is small, and you can see right into it when you come into the dining room. Those guys back there know what they’re doing. They were very busy, so I didn’t get to ask them any questions, but maybe someday I can sit down with them and get an interview. That would be awesome.

Oh, and by the way, they have fish and chips and macaroni and cheese amongst many other delicious looking options. Don’t skip the brownie for dessert. Crispy on the outside, warm and soft on the inside. Don’t skip it. Seriously. You’ll kick yourself.

I had them put the ice cream on the side. Devin ate the ice cream, and I got more brownie than him. I think I got the best deal. Haha!

I keep looking for another excuse to go to Kihei soon (which might just be to eat here again). That’s where they’re located. Right in the Long’s shopping plaza on South Kihei Rd. Believe it or not, they took over an old Domino’s location. How’s that for irony?

As for prices, a 12 inch pizza will run you from 15 dollars to 19 for their signature pizzas. A 16 inch of their signature runs from 19 to 23 dollars. There’s also a create your own pizza option. These aren’t bad prices when you compare them to other gluten free pizza options on the island (and where you run the risk of cross contamination). The dining room is small, but cute, and filled up rapidly when we were there. Everyone seemed very satisfied. We were, and we will be again!

Maui Brick Oven
1215 S. Kihei Rd.
Kihei, HI
(808) 875-7896

Please note: I did not receive anything for doing this review.

13 thoughts on “Restaurant Review: Maui Brick Oven – CLOSED”

  1. Amanda, I can see why Maui Brick Oven Pizza is one of your favorites! My husband and I dined there the other night (after surviving The Road to Hana and back!).

    We started with the Onion Ring appetizer and it (and the sauce that came with it!) was fantastic!

    My husband (who is not GF) has been in search of the best fish & chips for ages and he always gets disappointed. Not this night! Our waiter recommended the fish & chips and David reluctantly ordered them. Boy was he surprised at how great GF Fish & Chips can be! Thank you Maui Brick Oven Pizza!!

    I had the pizza and was so happy with my selection.

    Thank you for your recommendation, Amanda! So nice for me (have a wheat allergy) to go to a restaurant and be able to eat ANYTHING on the menu!!! No worries about cross contamination or limited choices. I felt “normal” for the first time in many years.

    1. I’m really glad you both had an enjoyable experience. I’m actually heading there this weekend, so I’ll let them know you both had a good time!

  2. Thanks for the heads-up to Maui Brick Oven; I’ll be in Maui next week, and I feel a road trip to Kihei in my future!!!

  3. Any similar locations in Lahaina? We’re staying at the Hyatt, but without a rental car…may just have to get one for a few days to check this out!

  4. Hi Amanda :
    I’ve been trying a gluten free diet for about 2 weeks. Have no allergy to it that I know of, but I have UC and thought this might help. I’m glad you have this blog for the community. Angie

  5. Oh not. How can it be that I am in Seattle pining for Maui’s GF restaurant? Unbelievable! I am so happy for you and the GF eaters there. Amazing. I hope it can make it. I’ll be wishing them the best and the pesto pizza looks positively perfect!!

    I had my first GF sandwich at a place in Fremont this last week. I was heading to an appointment and saw they had GF bread on their wall menu and made a mental note to stop back there. The turkey, bacon, arugula and aoli sandwich was lovely. I told the girls that I could not express to them the happiness I was experiencing in eating a sandwich I did not have to prepare. They were surprised but pleased. They will be making their own GF bread starting this coming week. I’ll be back and will check on their progress and find out how careful the kitchen is being with preparation. It is so nice to have options.

    Keep posting pics of Maui Brick Oven meals. I’ll just salivate from here.

  6. You bet. They are awesome people. Follows that they would produce the perfectGluten free tastes. Good writing! Good review!

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