Seattle 2012 Part One

Sometimes Devin has to travel to Seattle for work, and the last two years I’ve gotten to tag along. Last year I really had to go because he had LASIK eye surgery. This year, I went because I wanted to be there to support him at the end of the day, go traveling, and visit friends I hadn’t seen in a long while. We were there for two weeks. We stayed outside of the city, in the ‘burbs. It was closer to his work, but there certainly isn’t much to do right around there. Good thing I’m good at entertaining myself. I also had some school work to begin while there. I studied my Spanish language so much that my teacher actually said that maybe she should have all of her students skip the first two weeks of class. Haha!

Okay, now, onto the trip. Did you know that I’m a seriously sensitive person when it comes to movies? I can’t stand horror films, movies with lots of yelling, or anything too creepy. I also am  horrified by cannibalism, or anything close to it. Chopping up bodies. Things like that. I can handle medical shows, but that’s because there is no violence involved. Well, on the way to Seattle we watched “Little Shop of Horrors” on the plane. I didn’t think it would be bad, and some of it was funny, but it was too much for me.


I did like the musical aspect of the movie.


Our flights were easy, though not comfortable (they never are of course). I did get a teeny bit of sleep. We took plenty of snacks. I even packed homemade beef jerky, some raw macadamia nuts from Waihe‘e, Larabars, hard boiled eggs and a couple sandwiches. We were not lacking in the food department. I thought about buying Alaska’s gluten free snack pack, but I just didn’t need to on either the flight there or home. It looks pretty good though.

This would be great for someone who can’t bring food with them on the plane.


Our first morning there we had bread with almond butter and hard boiled eggs for breakfast. That afternoon I snacked on what we had with us, and he grabbed his favorite teriyaki. After he got off work we went to Trader Joe’s. What an awesome store. This is a tiny TJ’s, but they still had great stuff. I did some research and found out that their soy yogurt is one of the absolute best, and the reviews weren’t lying. God it’s good. We grabbed eggs, potatoes, carrots, chicken thighs, and green beans. We also got Devin some gluten free cereal and milk. We also grabbed tea. Earl Grey for his mornings, and Ruby Red Chai for mine. Chamomile was for before bed. We were stocked.


This tea is awesome. Someone send me more, stat!


But, that didn’t stop us from going out for lunches and dinners. I’ll write about the dining experiences soon. I’ll just say that there are so many more options in the lower price ranges for those who have food allergies and celiac disease. Oh, and I ate as many fries while there that I usually eat in a year. Maybe it’s how I gained back the six pounds I’d lost from my illness.


Mmm. Five Guys fries.

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  1. I cannot believe I missed you while you were here. I vaguely even remember this — when life slows down and you’re ever back here we’ll have to finally get together. Actually, I’m hoping to come home before the end of the year, but who knows if that’ll happen!

    Couple things — I totally bought that vegan/gf snack pack on Alaska when my Mom and I flew over here. In fact, the crew was so awesome they hooked us up with two for the price of one plus a fruit platter. I don’t make it to TJ’s very often, but next time I’m there I will pick up a few boxes of the spiced rooibos tea;) AAAAAND seriously, I’ve ate more fries in the last three weeks than I have my entire life it seems. Out. Of. Control! What’s the deal Seattle?! haha

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