Day 15

Warning: May be TMI for some people, but welcome to the life of a person with celiac disease or gluten intolerance. It’s all out there!

Today is day 15 of the digestive problems. I have had the big D every morning for fifteen days. Did I mention fifteen days? That’s a lot of days. Even the doctors I’ve talked to have said it is extremely excessive. While I haven’t tried something like Imodium, I have been taking some natural anti-diarrhea medication. I don’t take it a lot though because I only have the morning bathroom trip(s). The rest of the day nothing happens. However, during the rest of the day I have a gnawing, hunger like pain in my stomach. I’ve talked with a friend about this, and she has gastritis (inflammation of the lining of the stomach). Her gastritis is so bad that she gets ulcers.

On Sunday morning I went to an acupuncturist. He “listened” to my pulse and then inserted some acupuncture needles in my body. Finally he did some moxibustion therapy. I’ve been to him one more time since then, and I will go again in a day or two.

On Monday I went to an M.D. She had me do some tests for parasites and infections. I called today, but the results still aren’t in. The doctor I spoke with today said she would call me if the results come in this afternoon, and if not then I will call again tomorrow morning.

My hanai mom is worried about me. She’s definitely putting on her mom hat on this one. She wants me to call her later today. She has an M.D. who is really into integrative and natural medicine. A lot of my Maui family go to see him. I’d like the test results to come in before I go see him though, since he’ll be wondering if I have a parasite or infection.

I’m really hoping that this can be resolved by the middle of next week, but I’m unsure if it will. I’m even down to eating just a BRAT diet now (bananas, rice, applesauce, and homemade gluten free toast). I did have a papaya this morning as it is good for the digestion, and it has soluble fiber which is good for diarrhea. I am also thinking I will allow myself avocado at some point soon. A small amount of chicken I am also willing to allow myself so I have some protein for healing.

A friend gave me some Enteric Coated Peppermint gel-caps that she says helps her gastritis, and her dad’s IBS. I am also taking L-Glutamine to speed the healing of my intestine. Finally, I am taking some heavy duty probiotics to try to re-establish some good flora.

So, that’s where I am on day 15. What would you do?


UPDATE: The medical office called and told me that I do not have any parasites, or giardia. They also said that although the other tests are not complete yet, the cultures are not growing anything and therefore will likely come back negative. This means we’re at a stand still. She recommended I go back to my regular physician downtown for a follow up, but I have decided to try to go see my hanai mom’s doctor. He is also the doctor of my SIL, BIL, MIL, and niece. He has figured out tough cases for many people on the island, and so I am hoping he can find a solution to my problem as well. However, it looks like they might not be able to get me in to see him until next Thursday. Because of things I have going on, waiting that long to figure out this problem is not really doable. So, I am trying to make it so they can get me in sooner. If I can get my test results to them ASAP then they can squeeze me in at an earlier date as I won’t b

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  1. Hey Amanda!

    Just ran into your site doing a little research on gluten-free restaurants and noticed this post! I’m certainly no expert on belly issues…my own belly prefers gluten, dairy and probably sugar free…but i can only commit 100% to gluten-free! I’m starting up a little gluten-free baking business and some of my friends (my faithful group of test bunnies) share issues they have. One needed me to substitute corn and the other we realized has trouble mixing Garbanzo with fruit. I’m not sure if your homemade toast has garbanzo, but eating fruit right before or after garbanzo and reek havoc on the belly! If your toast has garbanzo…mixed with your applesauce…maybe that could be it!!! I hope you feel better soon, lengthy belly issues are NEVER fun!!


  2. Hey Girl,
    My issues are rarely that problem, more of the 180 degree issue, but I’m pretty anemic and have to be on that all the time. What helps me a lot when my stomach isn’t behaving and giving weird messages is ginger. I know it sounds a little intense given the bland diet you are eating now but find it helps. I’ll either put some shredded ginger in a drink or eat candied ginger (if I can find the hot kind). I find that the mild ginger doesn’t help much. I find that ginger sort of re-balances my system a bit when it gets off.

    Another take would be dairy or eggs. I have to keep very close tabs on both of those. Too many egg days in a row and crabby stomach. A gallbladder issue can cause those symptoms as well.

    I’ll keep tabs on you. Hugs,

    1. Thanks! I was starting to think I was getting better, but this morning says otherwise. However, I did start my menses and that can cause diarrhea for me.

      I have an appointment with another doc today. We’ll see what he says.

      I’ve had ginger. I also haven’t had any eggs or dairy, so those aren’t keeping me from getting well. I am at a loss about the intestinal issues even though I think the upper GI issue is gastritis.

      Thanks for your well wishes. Maybe we’ll see each other soon.

  3. Goodness girl, I feel really bad for you. I’m sorry that your suffering has continued for this long. I usually find that the immodium pill + a probiotic pill and L-glutamine before meals helps when I’m in misery. I sure hope you feel better soon. I’ll be thinking of you sweets! ~Nikki~

    1. Thank you Nikki. I am taking those things, but I only take the Imodium before bed. Oddly, first thing in the morning is the only time I have a BM. I take the probiotics and l-glutamine after a meal. I am also now taking Prilosec first thing in the morning. Two days and no luck with it yet. Be well. Thanks again.

  4. Sorry you have had issues for 2 weeks. No fun. Have you had a colonoscopy? I had one as I was having continued issues as well. Similar to yours. I was diagnosed with microscopic colitis. He also wanted to rule out disease (spelling??) I have had to cut out dairy and a few others to help heal more.

    Hope you get it figured out soon.

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