3 thoughts on “Captions Only”

  1. Love the captions-only theme! Great sunglasses. And all those sprouting plants for your garden are looking good! We’re getting ready to harden off our tomatoes and take them outside and into our community garden plot. =)

    Cheers, Pete

    1. Thanks! I might do the captions only again since it really helped me keep things short and easy. Now that I’m on summer break blogging might be a bit easier though.

      Good luck with your gardening. I had a lot of help this year. My bf’s father and step-mother helped me get started. They gave me some amazing compost (good goat poop & other things), their own soil blend (with homemade charred wood bits in it & coconut husk instead of peat moss), and some seeds and starts. They also taught me about proper watering technique. They like watering from the bottom up. Placing the seed tray or pot into a bin of water. It is easier on the plant and creates even moisture. Only need to water that way every few days.

  2. That deep dish pizza looks awesome! And the muffins! And the risotto! Uh oh…I think I just made myself hungry. :) Stylish glasses!

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