Surprise! I have something for you!

This week I’ve chosen to go off of all grains and dairy. I may choose to do it for a second week as well. I have had so many incidences of gluten contamination in the past year that I really feel like my body needs this break. I talked with some other gluten free women on Twitter how they’ve gone grain and dairy free in the past for intestinal healing after close encounters of the gluten kind. Some people choose to do something like the Specific Carbohydrate Diet, or the Paleo Diet, for various amounts of time as means of giving their bodies a break. Well, I’m not willing to give up as much as those two diets ask people to give up. I’m also not willing to go as long as those diets suggest people eat that way. Both are a lifestyle for some, and I’m cool with other people choosing to eat that way. They’re welcome to do so. However, I don’t think I’ll ever make that same decision. The idea doesn’t work for me. But, a week or two off of grains and dairy does. I know that I have issues with dairy after glutenings (gluten contamination), so that’s a given for me to give up. However, I’ve never gone grain free after a gluten incident. This time, I decided I’d give it a go. I just didn’t seem to be healing as well after so many problems. So, here I am. I haven’t had grains since Thursday afternoon. I won’t have any until after this Thursday, unless I decide to extend it. I’m not sure I will, but it’s a possibility.

I'm so glad I was given two, so I can give one to one of you!


I will eventually go back to gluten free grains, but until then I know I have some yummy food to eat anyway. I have actually been using a lot more grain free, gluten free recipes lately. I was given a copy of Elana Amsterdam‘s “The Gluten-Free Almond Flour Cookbook,” as well as a copy of “Gluten-Free Cupcakes.” Actually, I was given two copies of the latter book. One is for one of you. It’s been sitting here, waiting for someone to love it. I’ve loved the other copy. I’ve made quite a few recipes from it. I even put some in a charity bake sale last fall (I’ve had the books a while…I just got so busy). One parent at the bake sale was so excited to have an option for her gluten free child. That made me happy to hear. Oh, and I bought two of the cupcakes from the sale. Yup. I bought my own cupcakes. Haha! I’m fine with that. The money went toward a really great cause. And hey, these are delicious cupcakes. Why wouldn’t I want to eat them? Elana uses almond flour, coconut flour, and arrowroot starch as the foundation for her cupcakes. She also calls for the use of other healthful ingredients, including: chia seed, coconut oil, flax meal, stevia, agave nectar and others. There are basic cupcakes, which are a great place to start. But, there are also some fancy cupcakes (e.g. White Chocolate Vanilla, Flourless Hazelnut, Vanilla Fig, German Chocolate). There are even savory cupcakes. Elana lists whether the cupcake is very sweet, or lightly sweetened at the top of the page. Most of the recipes only make about 9 cupcakes, but it’s easy enough to double a recipe to make more. I’ll have to do that for an end of the semester class get together (I love that we sometimes do this in small University courses).

While not all of the cupcakes are dairy free, it’s easy to convert many of them. Elana also offers dairy free frosting options (e.g. Vegan Chocolate, Vegan Coconut Whip, Vegan Buttercream, Meringue).

So far, I’ve made: Vanilla Cupcakes, Chocolate Cupcakes, Marble Cupcakes (don’t even need frosting), Chocolate Peanut Butter Cupcakes, Coconut Cupcakes, and Halloween Cupcakes. I’ve stuck to the basics, but I’ll branch out eventually. I don’t make cupcakes too often because I’ll want to eat them all (though Devin will probably get half).

Please note: I was given this cookbook for free via Elana Amsterdam’s business associates.

However, I have tested the recipes out and I am glad to say that I am satisfied with them. I’ve struggled a little with the meringue, but I think that I may just have my agave too hot when I pour it into the egg whites. Everything else has been a success. The cupcakes are moist and flavorful.

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2 thoughts on “Surprise! I have something for you!”

  1. Hello Amanda,
    In addition to your post I was wondering, I’ve been diagnosed with celiac disease which pretty much sucks because I can’t eat gluten which is in almost everything. So what do I do if a guy asks me out to a pizza place or something. Wouldn’t it be a total buzz kill if I told him I have celiac disease and can’t eat anything with wheat? Or what do I do if its a surprise where we are meeting and it turns out to be a place where I can’t get anything.
    I’ll be back to read more next time
    Need Paleo recently posted…What is Cross Workout Routine?My Profile

    1. Avoid surprise dates if you can. If you can’t, carry something in your purse and order something yummy to drink. It’s much easier if you can control where you dine. Don’t think of your need for safe food as a buzz kill. It’s essential to your life, and if the guy can’t understand that then he’s likely not the person for you to be with. You need someone who can accept all of you.

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