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I have never really been one to take products from companies so that I can review them for you. However, I was willing to do so because I had bought products from this company before, even products from the same line. It is also law that I let you know  (but I would tell you that even if there wasn’t a law).


A representative from Attune Foods, the makers of Erewhon cereal, contacted me and offered to send me two free boxes of cereal to review, I just had to select which flavors I wanted. As I had one box of Crispy Brown Rice and Corn Flakes in my cupboard I chose to review the Cocoa Crispy Brown Rice Cereal (for my inner seven year old) and theRice Twice cereal.


I must say that I really like the look of the boxes. They’re clean, show you what the product is, and state its positives without going overboard. They’re organic, gluten free, low sodium and fat free (which is only a positive to me in that there are no bad fats present). I’m also a fan of the gluten free educational information on the back of the box. It explains the importance of a gluten free diet for those with celiac disease, and it covers the major sources of gluten.


Some of the things that I really like about Erewhon cereals, and the reasons why I’ve bought from them in the past, is that they are non-GMO (and participate in the NON GMO Project), they use organic ingredients, there aren’t artificial colors in the cereal, and that they taste sweet without using refined sugar. This is great if you have kids who want a sweet cereal, or if you are trying to reduce your refined sugar intake. I also really love that they’re whole grain products. As you know from my recipes I like to use whole grain flours as much as possible, so I expect the same out of the prepared foods I buy.


Anyway, onto the cereal’s taste. The first day I served us the Cocoa Crispy Brown Rice Cereal. It was pretty sweet, but it wasn’t sickeningly sweet. To me, cereals like Trix or Lucky Charms definitely fall into the sickeningly sweet category. I think that kids would like the sweetness of the chocolate cereal (and they might mistake it for Cocoa Crispies or Cocoa Pebbles). My inner seven year old really liked it. I also liked hearing the crackling sounds that rice cereals are famous for making. I even held the bowl up to my ear. Yes, I am a weirdo. Devin did it too though, so we’re weirdos together. The cereal sitting directly in the milk turned soggy within ten minutes, but it was okay since some of the cereal was still crispy after sitting above the milk line. Devin liked the flavor of the cereal. He said, “I like it because it doesn’t taste like it has cereal varnish on it.” I agree. I’d buy the chocolate flavor in the future, if I can find it on sale [cereal prices (organic and non-organic) are so high here that I rarely buy cold cereal].


This morning I had the Rice Twice cereal. It has both crispy rice cereal and puffed rice cereal mixed together. They’re both brown rice and without any added flavor other than sweetener (organic brown rice syrup and organic honey) and salt. I liked the subtle flavor and the mix of textures. I used to buy a puffed rice cereal, but it was so boring to eat. It was like eating styrofoam. This time it was much better with the crispy cereal to create some interest. It’s kind of like the zebra question. Is it white with black stripes or black with white stripes? Is it puffed rice cereal with crispy rice for interest, or is it crispy cereal with puffed rice for interest? I don’t know, but it’s a good balance.



Oh, and in case you’re wondering the cereals are certified gluten free by the Gluten Intolerance Group.

While I don’t have photographs of the other cereals I bought myself, I will say that they’re equally delicious. I liked the thickness of the corn flakes. They weren’t like those flimsy flakes you get in other cereals. These had durability in milk. The Crispy Brown Rice cereal is like Rice Twice, but without the puffed pieces. It’s good and basic. I like basic cereal because I can add in things like bananas, berries, and even ground flaxseed.

Yes, I was given the product for free. No, I was not paid. My honesty with you will never change. I do like this cereal. I have bought their products in the past, and I will buy their products again in the future. I do recommend their cereal, and I hope if you try it that you’ll like it as well.

3 thoughts on “Erewhon Cereals”

  1. Hello Amanda Schaefer:
    Which stores have you seen Erewhon cereals within Maui? I did a search on the attunefoods store locator and received no results for where I could purchase their foods. Therefore I am curious as to where you have found Erewhon gluten free cereals. Your help would really be appreciated.

    Kelly G.

    1. I’ve definitely seen them at Whole Foods Market in Kahului, but I would expect Mana Foods and Down To Earth to also carry their cereals.

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