Photo a Day Challenge (Day 18)

Theme: Something You Bought

I’ve picked up the tradition of buying myself one Christmas gift each year. I don’t treat myself to much throughout the year, so I like to get myself something special. This year it was this Doctor Whoville shirt that @iliveinmylab told me about. She bought one off of the $10 deal of the day on Geeks of Doom, and so I had to hunt it down because it was just way too cute. I tracked down where I could buy one for myself. Graphic artist Ian Leino is the designer.

Unfortunately it was no longer ten dollars, but it was still a reasonable price, especially with the shipping. There are a lot of shirts I’d like to buy from, but the shipping to Hawaii is horrendous. So, this was an amazing opportunity. I didn’t pass it up. It is now my favorite shirt. It has every Doctor from the series, in a Dr. Seuss style, holding hands around the TARDIS much like the Whos down in Whoville did on Christmas day. Fahoo Fores Dahoo Dores…welcome Doctor and TARDIS.

Now. The question that just came to mind is whether or not there are Doctors on this shirt or if there is the Doctor on this shirt. One Doctor, many Doctors? Which is it? We all never forget our first Doctor. Yet, they are all one and the same in a sense. However, they are all different. Ah, Doctor Who philosophy.

Doctor? Doctors? Either way, I love this Doctor Whoville shirt.

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