Photo a Day Challenge (Day 17)

Here is a really bad photo of my water purifier. It’s called a Berkey. I’d heard so many great things about them, I did my research, and I’m happy with it. The water tastes great and refreshes better than my reverse osmosis filtered water. I’ve read some comments against it, especially when it comes to the research done by the company. Yet, me and many other people really enjoy this purifier. We’re planning to get the extra fluoride filters soon. Supposedly this filter can take swimming pool water, nasty pond water, etc. and turn it into potable water. They also sell sports bottles with built in filters. We’re considering getting some of those because we’re doing more hiking and camping these days.

For more information on Berkey filters you can look at this website or you can do your own google searching to make an informed decision about it.

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