Photo a Day Challenge (Day 7)

Today’s theme: Favorite

Here’s a quick snapshot of just one of my Bee Silk hard lotion bars and a lip balm using the same ingredients. Both are produced by MadeOn and are made of three ingredients. That’s right, three ingredients. Beeswax. Coconut Oil. Shea Butter.My hands and lips have never felt better. You can either buy their products ready made in the original, Au Chocolat (which uses Cocoa Butter instead of Shea Butter…and it smells delicious), or Bug Block (it really works!). I have a sample of the bug block as well which was a gift for being a repeat customer. The lip balm comes in original or peppermint. The company also makes a Hair Butter for dry hair, a diaper rash cream, and Bee Silk Jr. which has less beeswax and more Shea Butter for very sensitive skin. This past Christmas I used Made On’s D.I.Y. kit and made up bars for the lovely women in my life. They are all loving how it doesn’t dry into your skin right away and how great their skin feels after using it. Dry skin, eczema, etc. be gone! The product is also really economical in that it takes a lot longer to go through a large bar than it does to go through a large bottle of liquid lotion.

Bee Silk Pocket Size and Natural Lip Balm


If you choose to buy a hard lotion bar in a tropical climate I don’t recommend leaving it in a sunny spot. Keep it in a cool, dark place. I leave my little bar in my purse and remember to keep my purse out of direct sunlight. If you work or live somewhere with air conditioning then you have no problem at all. My mom is living in a very cold climate now and she likes the hard lotion for the winter dry skin she is experiencing. She also loves how simple and pure the ingredients are. My mommy also loves that I made it for her.¬†Even men would love this stuff. If you know someone who does work where they end up sing harsh soaps , or where they wash their hands many times a day, this is a great product to deal with the dry hands they probably experience. Have them give this stuff a try.

Removing after chilling out in the freezer for a moment. Wrapping in waxed paper for transport. I found the mold at Ben Franklin craft store. You can make the bars thinner or thicker as you'd like based on how much you put into each compartment.


Note: Made On has not given me anything for free. I have paid for all of their products myself, and have given them a fair and honest review as I would any other product. If I ever receive a product for free I will let you know in the review.

3 thoughts on “Photo a Day Challenge (Day 7)”

  1. Yes your mommy does. I can attest that my feet, lips, hands, cuticles all love it. Because my daughter is sooo far away and shipping can get costly. I am thinking of purchasing this product to make my own and to make it as gifts for others as well.

    1. That’s a great idea! You can add your own favorite essential oils to it as well to make it smell yummy. I thought abut putting lavender in, but I forgot.

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