Photo a Day Challenge (Day 5)

Theme: What I wore…way back then

This was me eight years ago. I was dressed up for homecoming my senior year of high school. There was a rule that boys couldn’t wear dresses to the dance, but nothing was said about girls wearing pants. I never have been one to conform. My sister had just bought this really great black suit with metallic silver pinstripes at the Sax Fifth Avenue outlet and I thought it was gorgeous. It also fit me very well. So, my sister did my hair up (I had pink streaks in my bleach blonde) and away I went. One girl in line for the door of the dance commented that I wasn’t wearing a dress and that she thought they might not let me in. I told her that there were no rules against girls wearing pants to the dance (and that I thought boys should be able to wear dresses if they’d like). Being that it was also a very nice suit I figured all would be well. It was. I had a great time that night, except for when my girlfriend and I broke up. That part was painful. Still, I think I looked fabulous and I know I felt powerful and beautiful. I also really loved my hairdo. Maybe I should do that again…without torching my hair with the bleaching product.

I loved how my sister did my hair. I have no idea what she did, but it was fabulous.

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