Photo a Day Challenge (Day 4)

This is not our mailbox. We use it. We share it with 3 other houses on the property. We’d like to have our own mailbox someday. Well, we’d like to share it with our whole ohana with includes Devin’s brother and his family as well as their mother. That’s the way we like to live. We like to be together, supporting one another. It’s especially important because their mother is going through some medical stuff that will really be benefited by having people around to take care of her. This is not our mailbox. Someday I will have a picture of our own. We keep looking. We keep trying. Our house is out there. It will have our mailbox. It will have well preserved numbers, some beautiful flowers, and a fresh coat of paint. Why? Because it will be our house. It will be loved and cared for by us. We will love our mailbox.


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