Happy Day After Christmas!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


I chose not to try to post even a short message on this blog yesterday because I wanted to spend every moment with my Maui family. We had a wonderful day. I woke up at 8am because I thought that was the east coast equivalent of the time my sister was going to be at our parents’ house. Unfortunately I woke up an hour too early. I also had spent a rough night of stomach pains and very little sleep.

My stomach pains were caused by an accidental gluten encounter at a party on Friday. What was even worse was that the party was at my home. I asked for potluck items, so I had the possibility of something like that happening, but I’d never had the risk actually turn out that way before. It was one of the worst gluten feelings I’d had in a very long time. I actually had to leave our party three-quarters of the way through. The pain was excruciating and I had to be very near the bathroom. Thank goodness for a master bedroom with bathroom. I’m glad the party continued on in the next room. I could hear the music, and I had a fun and snark filled chat with Marc of Baketard on Twitter. The stomach pains went away most of the day on Saturday, and I made sure to rest. However, they came back in the early morning hours on Sunday. I spent much of Christmas day exhausted, but the excitement of the day kept me going.

Since I was up early I went ahead and started on breakfast. I had made a Crème Brûlée oatmeal with dried fruit and heavy cream in previous years. I used to also top it with sugar and crisped it under the broiler. This year I took some fresh coconut and dried poha berries and cooked them in the oatmeal. I also added some raw, local honey and ground flaxseed. In another pot I warmed coconut milk with whole cinnamon, nutmeg and whole cloves. I put it into my silver coffee pot and served it on the side. It was a hit! It wasn’t overly sweet (which had been a little problem in previous years) and it wasn’t too heavy. The poha berries also added a different texture and flavor with their tart taste.


That afternoon we were invited to a Christmas party at a friend’s house. We sipped sparkling cider from beautiful glasses out on a porch overlooking one of the best views of Maui I’ve seen from someone’s home. I checked out the food they were serving, and I asked a zillion questions. I stuck to the salad we went and picked from their garden, the Brussel sprouts, and the turkey breast (I even checked the packaging on that!). I avoided the chocolate fondue for dessert and had a couple pieces of apple. While at the party I entertained the four year old little boy by putting together puzzles and watching him climb the mulberry tree. Devin said he thinks the little boy had a crush on me, even though he wouldn’t understand those feelings at four years old.





After that party we went on to another. This next party was at my hanai mom’s house. She was at our party on Friday and so she was aware that my body wasn’t happy. They left out the cheese from the rice stuffing, and they made sure the meal contained absolutely no gluten. When a gluten cake arrived she segregated it in her fridge. Dinner was stuffed cornish hens, rice dressing on the side, cornstarch thickened pan gravy (whipped up by me), roasted root vegetables and green beans. There was also homemade Turkish Delight in multiple flavors. We even had Christmas Crackers brought by a lovely woman. The British theme was inspired by the airing of the Doctor Who Christmas special. We all played with the toys that came in our crackers. Devin helped me figure out the puzzle that came in mine. I’m not very good at those kinds of things. Oh, and we all wore our crowns throughout the party.




Wearing my Doctor Who tie. Not my best photo ever, but that’s okay!


A very Maui Christmas tree.


Devin started to feel the cold I had last week, so we left a little before everyone else. Today he has been laid up in bed trying to heal so he can enjoy the rest of his vacation time (although laying in bed all day and relaxing is not a bad thing for a vacation). I cooked up a quick miso soup with veggies, ginger and chili pepper flakes for his lunch. He also got to have two rum toddies, and plenty of herbal tea today. I’m hoping all of the rest will mean he can get out and have fun tomorrow.

I worked on some household projects today, and I also tried to make biscuits again for next month’s rally. Last week I was so tired when I tried that they came out like hard tack (I forgot to put in the baking powder). This time I followed all of the directions and added one teaspoon of baking powder per four ounces of flour, yet my lift was still pretty minimal. I can’t quite figure out why. I wonder if the kefir and the baking powder just don’t get along, or if it was something else entirely. Do you have any thoughts?

Looked like it would rise up great.


But, they stayed pretty darn short. The unbaked biscuit above can be seen in the far corner on the baking sheet. 


Last week I was able to participate in an interview with Living Maui Social. I met with Jill, Aimee and Erik at Market Fresh Bistro in Makawao. We had a delicious breakfast and a wonderful time talking story. That’s what the Living Maui Social podcasts are all about. We talked about gluten free living, technology and more. I still haven’t had time to listen myself, but you’re welcome to check it out before me. I hope my message got across. You’ll know if it didn’t.


It scared me at first, but then it just disappeared.


Below are some more pictures of what has been going on here. Enjoy!


Homemade Sugar Cookies. Thanks to Gluten Free Girl, Shauna Ahern, for her recipe.


Turkish Delights. Blue is Rosewater and Pistachio. Yellow is Lemon. Purple is Port Wine and Almond. Tan are Almond Butter.


Niece’s first Christmas movie. “Santa Claus is Comin’ to Town”


Hot cocoa for the adults while we watched “Polar Express.”


Kitty with her Christmas gift.


My fantastic Christmas toe socks.


Gift certificate to my favorite restaurant. Thanks mom and dad!


Moka Express! Thanks Devin’s mom!


My first pearl necklace. Thank you mom!


A new book to read!


Some of the gifts I am so grateful to have received. I can only hope the gifts I gave are as loved.


My best gift of all.  Not the guitar stand. The man holding it. 


7 thoughts on “Happy Day After Christmas!”

  1. Hi- I might be able to help you with your biscut problem. Can you describe your ‘technique’ in making them. Part of what makes biscuts light, fluffy, and full of layers is not working the dough too much (in GLUTEN FILLED)…since we can’t make gluten tough making them stick together while light and fluffy becomes the Gluten Free Issue… What were your ingredients and how did you make them? ~ Best!

    1. I’m going to keep working on them. I have another batch working tonight. My flours are millet, quinoa, brown rice, cornstarch and tapioca. I’m using butter for my fat and whole milk kefir for my liquid. I’m using baking powder as the leavening agent. I am not using any gums.

      1. Hello love!
        I just moved here to the beautiful magical Maui!?in December,
        my partner and I are working as management at
        Huelo Lookout!
        ,little fruit stand on 7600 hana hwy.
        I just started selling my gluten free and vegan cookies here!
        And thought it would be nice to share with all ?.I have been working on this recipe for some years, and I really happy to share !
        I have a great passion for making yummy treats for all to enjoy!
        I know how hard it can be on a road to hana ,with so many yummy things to eat,but not to many gluten free options ,so I thought I would bring some yummy cookies to the beautiful road to hana!
        If you would like! I invite you to
        Huelo Lookout! Enjoy an little cookie,maybe some tea or coffee.
        Many blessings sister
        Bridgette Dice??

        1. Hi there Bridgette! I’m wondering what you do to prevent cross contamination with your gluten free baked goods. Do you have a gluten free kitchen to bake in? I’m excited that you’re trying to provide something to the many travelers on the road to Hana. :)

  2. The oatmeal looks wonderful! I’m so sorry you got sick, I can’t even imagine what a challenge it is to have that reaction to gluten. I do think of you as a foodie though…people who have similar issues who stumble upon on your blog are likely so grateful as your joy in good food shines through.

    Happy new year!!

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