Happy December!

It’s not December first, but it’s my first post of the month. I can’t believe I haven’t posted anything since just before Thanksgiving. I haven’t even put up the pictures. I think I’ll quickly put up a few now. I’m starting to have some time again, but my availability seems to be going up and down.

So, here I am with a quick moment to post up. This coming Saturday is my birthday, and Christmas is nearing so I’m getting the house in shape while finishing my last class and making Christmas gifts. Pictures of the homemade gifts are to come, but after the holidays since I don’t want any family to see what they’re getting.

I’ve been making sure to get a little exercise in, but I’ve not been perfect about it. That’s alright though. It’s expected at this time of year. I’m proud of myself for fitting in some physical activity.

I also studied for, and passed, my general amateur radio license exam. I’m excited about it. Someday we’ll have a home radio rig so I can talk to people around the globe. I know, it’s funny that we have the internet and I’m taking a step back in technology but the internet isn’t as reliable as amateur radio. That’s why the slogan is “When all else fails…” It’s true though. As long as you can generate power to a battery in some way you can use an amateur radio for communication. That’s great for emergency situations.

Here are some pictures of what has been happening lately, including some Thanksgiving leftovers.


Turkey goodness!
Ten pounds of mashed potatoes.
Sweet potato casserole. Lovely browning I think.
Two pumpkin pies. Best crust ever.
My little centerpiece.
Delicious plates of food.
Devin's brother lit us a lovely fire.
Christmas decorations popping up all over the island.
Simple fare at Devin's family Christmas party.
Lovely yarn to put into my scarf.
Devin took me to Star Noodle after I passed my exam.
Singapore Noodles
Vietnamese Crepe
Mango Pudding with Rice Cracker topping


I found a hair in my Vietnamese Crepe. It’s never happened before, and the restaurant has an excellent reputation. The server quickly removed the plate, the restaurant removed the cost from our bill and offered to give me a new plate. I chose not to take a new plate. There was no reason. I’d nearly finished before I found the hair and I didn’t need a whole plate of food. As the hair never entered my mouth I wasn’t completely disgusted. The server also handled the situation very well. So, I will not give the restaurant a negative review on one accident. I still will recommend this restaurant to anyone.

It’s very late now, and I am quite ready for bed. I wish you all a lovely week and sweet dreams.

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