Thursday’s Coming

If you’re like me, you love Thanksgiving and want to invite everyone to your dinner table. I love to be surrounded by happy, smiling friends and family every year. It’s definitely a time of thanks and the giving of thanks to others. While I can say “Thank you,” I can also show my thanks by preparing a delicious meal with, and for those I am so thankful to have in my life. Yet, food preparation is not the only thing happening in my world, which means my days are pretty darn packed right now. This is why you haven’t seen much from me in this past week.

I wrote a paper for my Peace Studies course. It was the last thing I had to do for that course. I still have a presentation to work out for my anthropology course (due a week from tomorrow), plus a paper to finish for psychology (due Friday) and all of the regular course work for that class as well.

Wednesday we went to view a house, and today we’re going to quickly view three more. With how many houses we’ve seen, we hope to find something soon.

Our car ended up needing to go into the shop for something major this week. Thankfully they only held the car for one night. The rack and pinion were replaced. That’s a big and expensive job, but it’s a safety issue so it had to happen.

While I waited for the car to finish getting its checkup I sat down at Starbucks. You all know I don’t go there much as they’ve been so wishy-washy with their gluten free products and their information about the gluten in their drinks. However, their shop was close to the car repair shop and had comfortable chairs and air conditioning. Instead of buying one of Starbuck’s drinks and risking my safety I chose to buy a juice box and a Kind bar. I went with the apple juice over other juice drinks because it was cheaper, organic, and had fewer calories. The Kind bars are gluten free, and they’re safe from cross contamination from other Starbucks food offerings.


Reading time.


On the side of food prep, I made up three batches of Gluten Free Girl’s Bread. I’ll be using it for stuffing. The first batch isn’t useable for Thanksgiving dinner as I forgot and used some olive oil to film the rising bowl. I have a friend coming who is allergic to olive oil, so I am very glad I remembered. I made up two more batches, used palm oil to film the bowl, and let the dough rise in an airtight plastic box. I learned this trick from Simply Sugar and Gluten Free. She said that plastic wrap touching the dough can actually inhibit a proper rise, and that the box is the best way to go. I have found it to be true here where I live. I used to have horrible problems with getting dough to rise, and this seems to be the way I need to do it.


I made rolls so I'd get more crust in my stuffing.


Stuffing bread all bagged up and ready for Thanksgiving.


I thought I’d run out of teff flour (I found my bag of it later), so I took some of the whole teff I had in the cupboard and turned it into flour in my blender. I thought that was so cool. The flour I made looked exactly like the ready made flour.


Homemade teff flour.


I also had part of a stalk of bananas ripening on my counter, so I made up two batches of banana bread. I tried the recipe from Gluten-Freek for Cardamom Banana Bread. It turned out a bit short. I don’t know why. I also made the Brown Butter Banana Bread from Healthy Green Kitchen. It’s incredibly moist. I’d make either of them again, especially if I can figure out the rising issue with Gluten-Freek’s. I might also add even more cardamom as it is a flavor I adore. Both of these recipes were included in the Gluten Free Ratio Rally, along with my own.


Gluten-Freek's Banana Bread


Healthy Green Kitchen's Banana Bread as muffins


I’ve also been given a lot of lilikois, both red and yellow. So, I think I’ll use Artful Hawaii Girl’s recipe for jam. Some jars may find their way into gifts I ship out (especially since my dad loves lilikoi).




Before I go, I’m just going to share with you my new favorite container for letting my yeast rise in.


A coffee mug!

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