Counting My Blessings

The Good Things In Life: Seeing the Sun Come Up Each Day


While I don’t usually like to use the word “bless[ed][ing],” because to me it means that something out there greater than I thought I deserved more than someone else who is struggling, it’s the word typically used when you go about counting the good things in your life.

Inspired this morning by the conversation at Healthy Tipping Point, and because of personal stresses this week, I have decided to see how many good things in my life I can write up in ten minutes. When ten minutes is up I will stop, but I’m sure I won’t be done.

So, here’s the timer, and here I go.

1. Being alive
2. A family that loves me
3. A boyfriend that loves me
4. His family who loves me
5. Friends who love me
6. A family I love
7. A boyfriend I love
8. His family which I love
9. Friends I love
10. Never going hungry
11. Knowing that I can’t eat gluten, because it makes me well
12. Being able to attend university
13. Having challenges at university
14. Not having to work while I go to school
15. A sweet cat I love
16. A comfortable home
17. A cozy bed
18. Hot showers
19. Plenty of fresh, clean water
20. Health Coverage when I need it or don’t
21. A healthy body
22. A strong body
23. A body that can get me there and back
24. My family’s health
25. A relationship with my sister
26. Books galore
27. Cooking skills
28. Beautiful music around me all of the time
29. Good dreams on occasion
30. My own thoughts
31. The protection of many of my human rights
32. Operational transportation
33. Air conditioning in the car on hot days
34. Apple Cider and Hot Cocoa in the winter
35. Rainy Days
36. Sunny Days
37. Gorgeous views out the window every day
38. The money to buy plane tickets so I can visit my family, and have them visit me
39. The money to buy gifts for those I love (I love to give gifts)
40. Time to exercise
41. The luxury and energy to protest
42. Recognizing how our world systems keep people down based on race, gender, sexual orientation, etc.
43. A heart that wishes the oppression in 42 wasn’t true
44. A heart that wishes for no pain for anyone
45. A heart that wishes nobody would go hungry

Timer! Wow, I could go on, seriously I could. Iced tea on cold days, blankets to keep me warm, someone to cuddle up with and watch movies…oops I’m not really stopping am I?

Well, as you can see in 10 minutes I could come up with 45 things and type them out. How many can you think up in the same amount of time?

When you see someone else achieving something you’d like to achieve some day, or buying something you’d like to buy, or doing something you’d like to do, instead of being jealous think about all of the good things you do have. Including a mind that lets you think about them, and a heart that cares.

2 thoughts on “Counting My Blessings”

  1. That’s a great exercise. I’ve heard about journaling three thanksgivings each day to help focus on the good, but I like this too.

    1. Three a day is a nice idea, just to keep people remembering the good things. However, I know I’d forget to do it every day. Thanks for sharing the idea. :)

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