Ben & Jerry’s Chunky Monkey is a “No”

Steer clear my friends of this particular flavor. I’ve been having bad reactions to it. I wasn’t sure the first time, but I tried it a second time and ended up sick for sure. I know it was nothing else I ate, so by process of elimination it must be this ice cream. How sad it is, considering I love this ice cream. Some of you may too, but I suggest paying attention to your body after you eat it. My body is having intestinal issues, as well as having dizzy spells. The brain fog isn’t bad this time, but the dizzy spells are troubling.

I wish Ben & Jerry’s was better about listing the gluten ingredients, but they’re afraid to make a list of their gluten free products since their suppliers are subject to change. What a bummer. I suggest sticking to brands that don’t do this and are able to let you know their product is gluten free.

4 thoughts on “Ben & Jerry’s Chunky Monkey is a “No””

  1. Blech. So sorry to hear that. Does it feel like a gluten cross-contamination reaction? Or another sensitivity?

    On a lighter note, your post caused me to go to the B&J website to look at the ingredients info for Chunky Monkey. They list “Liquid Sugar (sugar, water)” followed immediately by
    “Water, Sugar.” Seems like they just could have said sugar and water once! But that’s just me…

    Hope you’re feeling better soon.


    1. Yes, I am in agreement about the “water, sugar” labeling. I do acknowledge that I took a risk on the natural flavors. However, sometimes I feel like as a blogger I am here to be the guinea pig for everyone else. Sometimes I take risks I might not take if I didn’t feel like I wanted to share the information with others. A bit self-sacraficing and all that, but that’s the model Western society has been taught for a while now. Although, we’re certainly shifting toward an individualism that’s a bit icky.

      I am quite certain that it is a gluten cross-contamination reaction, yet I have no way to prove it. Perhaps someday I’ll buy some of those EZ test strips to check whether gluten is present in products or not. Have you ever used them? Are they accurate? Easy to use?

      I hope all is well with you and your family. I have some family visiting me right now and it’s so nice to have them here.

  2. It’s always a wavering decision when I read the ingredients & it looks okay… I always think that maybe some guy on the assembly line just got back from having a sandwich for lunch. I still risk it more often than I should though. Lately though not in my favor… If it helps any, there’s a little something I’ve been eyeing up lately that’s on sale right now….

    1. I’ve been thinking of getting an ice cream maker as well. My SIL lives next door and is interested in getting one as well, but I’d have to monitor what they put in it.

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