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Can you believe it? There are now two magazines at Whole Foods Market in Kahului that are about living gluten free. One is the very well known Living Without which covers more than just gluten free food. It also covers allergens of all types. They have a great format, and I’ve really enjoyed picking one up occasionally over the past few years. I say occasionally because it’s 6 dollars for a magazine these days. Ouch! Did you know, I told the management at Whole Foods Market in Kahului that they should carry this magazine? Yep, right after they opened I went to the customer service desk and requested it. You can do the same with other gluten free products you might want. They can’t get everything as they have certain companies they can order from, but there are many products you can request and actually have the store ship in just for you or as a product they’ll carry regularly.

Six dollars isn’t quite as high as the price on the newer magazine on our shelves, Gluten-Free Living. I’ve never read this magazine and at the price I probably never will. They charge 9 dollars per issue, and the quality of the paper, the binding, and the thinness of the magazine tell me that it’s not worth it. However, next time I’m in the store I may pick up the copy and browse through it. I would have yesterday, but I didn’t have enough time.

Have any of you bought this new magazine? If so, is it any good? Is it worth nine dollars? Or, should we stick with the wonderful gluten free bloggers who share their knowledge and time for free?

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