Restaurant Review: Bistro Casanova

On Wednesday night I went to the Maui Arts and Cultural Center to see Jennifer Batten play. Before my friends and I went we decided to stop for dinner at Bistro Casanova. I have eaten there in the past, and I’ve had pretty good luck if I stuck with the caprese salad (the mozzarella is a bit watery) or the portabello mushroom on quinoa, but I wanted something a little more fun and flavorful. So, I went with the bouillabaise. I started to say something about wheat to my server when asking about the dish and he asked if I am gluten free. I said I am, and the server said he would ask the chef about the soup. When he returned he said it would be fine for me. So, I happily ordered it. Well, partway through the show at the MACC (about a half hour after dinner) I started to get that familiar stomach cramping. I had to leave the theatre and head to the restroom. It was definitely gluten. By the time I got home the brain fog was very heavy. I had to have Devin, my love, help me do just about everything. He really had to direct me to keep me on track because I was a complete space cadet. As soon as I got in the bed I fell right to sleep because I couldn’t even focus to do my regular bedtime reading. This was the worst brain fog I’d ever had.

I guarantee you, I had eaten nothing else outside of my regular diet before dinner.

This morning I called Bistro Casanova (now that my brain was back enough) and talked with a manager. I told her about what had happened, as well as my guess as to where the gluten was hidden (I suspect a base concentrate to add flavor to the stock, a common practice). She said she is going to talk to the chef and get back to me. So, now I’m waiting for a response. I’ll post an update here when I get an answer.

Update 4/29/2011: It’s been a week since I called Bistro Casanova about the cross contamination, and I’ve received no call back. It might be time to call again.

Update 2013: I never heard a word. Now they’re offering gluten free spaghetti. I’m not chancing it.

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