The Future Part 2

I have decided to continue this blog, but with some major changes. I have seen so many beautiful blogs over the years, which are extremely user friendly, and I want to have one of those beautiful blogs as well. So, this is going to take some time and work on my part. With a full load of school right now it’s definitely going to be a while before the final project is done, but it will be done.

The website must meet the needs of both the local consumer, and the tourists coming in. While my current studies include information on the destructive nature of tourism, I understand that it is happening. I also understand what it is like to go visit family or friends without knowing what to eat, and that not everyone flying in to Maui is a tourist. This is a balance I have to find within myself as time goes on. How can I stick to my guns on both topics?

In addition to all of the above, I am having a hard time figuring out if I should be posting and participating in things like the Ratio Rally that is going on right now, or if I should be focusing on the overhaul instead. I think it should be the latter so that you’ll all have a much better web experience, and because there are already so many wonderful people cooking things up for you.

So, that’s where I am since I last posted. I am looking forward to a site redesign. I think that it will not only be good for all of you, but it will be good for all of me. Stagnation is not my style.

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