Links of the Week #2

There are some real winners in my feed reader this week! Check out these great bloggers and see what they have to offer:

  • Kitchen Stewardship shows us how to prepare a real foods version of Irish Cream. You can give it as a gift, or keep it all to yourself. It keeps for 3 months in cold storage. NICE!
  • Mark Bittman links to a post by Daniel Bowman Simon about the history of the food stamp system. It’s really interesting. Bittman says it sounded like a federally run CSA (community supported agriculture).
  • Simply Sugar and Gluten Free reviewed some children’s books about celiac disease and the gluten free diet. Oh, and she’s giving them away! WITH FOOD!
  • Here’s a great interactive map of factory farm locations, and some scary statistics, including but certainly not limited to:
    -Excess livestock manure applications to fields of crops is the fastest growing large source of the greenhouse gas methane.
    -There are more than one billion broiler chickens in the United States — more than three birds for every person in the country.
    -Nearly half of factory-farm egg-laying hens are located in just five states: Iowa, Ohio, Indiana, California and Pennsylvania.

    Oh, and it does show Hawai’i.

  • Small Notebook decks the halls with food this year! And it’s gorgeous!
  • It’s cookie season, isn’t it? Bust out the fat pants! No, seriously, consume in moderation and give away many! Sharing is the reason for this season is it not? Give from your heart and your pantry. Here’s a few cookie recipes to get you started:

  • Adventures of a Gluten Free Mom has GF Dairy Free Egg Free Sugar Cookies that you can cut out into fun shapes. She’s doing 12 Days of Cookies!
  • These gingerbread men and women are adorable at The Gluten Free Spouse.
  • Finally at Simply Sugar and Gluten Free, carob dipped pecan shortbreads. I bet they’re delicious! If you don’t like carob, use chocolate or leave them plain.
  • And for a couple more holiday baking posts:

  • The Baking Beauties have their roundup posted. Steer well clear if you’ve had one too many desserts already this year. Cinnamon rolls, cheesecake, nutella cake, pie, oh my!
  • If you’d still like to indulge, but need something a little more body friendly try these Blueberry Oat Muffins. I miss a good oat bran muffin, so I may have to make these.
  • And, two more (getting tired yet?):

  • DON’T FORGET TO HAVE A JOYFUL SEASON. Small Notebook reminds us that that is the most important part of the holidays. She has such a beautiful outlook on life. I am always inspired by her.
  • And, for all of those kids toys that get everywhere, try some homemade and eco friendly storage systems from the mind of Kitchen Stewardship.
  • Happy Holidays!

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