Pressure Cooker

I’m in love with my new pressure cooker. It’s certainly an investment piece, but the one I chose was less than one-hundred dollars. There are lots of pressure cookers you can purchase for over two-hundred dollars, but why?

Now, for those of you who remember the old kind of pressure cookers you may be reading this and thinking that you’d never own one of those ticking time bombs. Well, the modern ones aren’t ticking time bombs. Mine actually has a lid that is unable to fly off because of the design.

So, what have I done with it so far? I have cooked a lot of dry beans without soaking them. I’ve made chicken stock in under an hour right after roasting a chicken for dinner so that I could go to bed on time and have stock ready for the next nights meal.

Now, I know a lot of the traditional foods cooks (including the authors of Nourishing Traditions) don’t like pressure cookers because they don’t let foods have a long slow traditional cooking time, but really it’s like putting a really well fitting lid on your pot is all. And, if it gets people to eat traditional foods on a food and time budget then I’m all for it.

If you’re curious about which pressure cooker I got, you can find it on here.

The 6 liter seems to be the perfect size for me right now. A larger one might be nice in the future, but then if I am going to be preparing that much food I had better have thought about it earlier and then I might just not use the pressure cooker except as a pot.

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