Failing You

I know, I know, I’ve been failing you in keeping up with my posts. This problem may get worse starting next week once I am in school. So, I may have to change how often I update, and give you summaries instead of a day by day account of what is going on. I may switch to something like a meal plan once a week, and a summary of the meals once a week with a heavy load of pictures.

I’ll have to see how things feel once I get started. However, I think my experiences in school will be worth writing about. I’ve seen other bloggers writing about their culinary school, or culinary job, experiences.

Yesterday was the Devin’s birthday. He asked for something to eat off our “crack” list, so I made him the Candy Chicken from Crockpot365. He also requested a Chocolate Peanut Butter Pudding Pie instead of a cake, and so I had to make a cookie crumb crust from scratch for it. Well, okay, I cheated and bought some Mi-Del Arrowroot Cookies and broke them into crumbs.

Did I ever tell you all that Devin is a chocolate fiend? Well, he definitely is. He also is infatuated with Kahlua. It’s part of his occasional post work cocktail. And yes, Kahlua is gluten free but I’m not a big fan. Well, his mother and his brother both bought him a bottle of Kahlua, and everyone gave him chocolates. I bought him some Port to go with all of the chocolate, but I accidentally gave away the surprise when I forwarded an e-mail to him in which I mentioned it to a friend. Oops.

Today there are leftovers, and we’re happy campers for sure.

Here’s what’s on the food agenda for this week:

Thursday Dinner:

Black Bean and Tomato Quinoa

Friday-Wednesday (Minus Friday and Saturday):

Crockpot Candy Chicken (Birthday Dinner)
Tillamook Grilled Cheese with Mashed Avocado
Healthy Collard Greens Soup
Purple Potato and Carrot Quiche

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