Grilled Cheese


Grilled Cheese sandwiches are a delicious memory for me. I remember them on white bread with Kraft singles and a bowl of Campbell’s Tomato Soup on the side.

But those ingredients are now ones that I can’t eat or would never eat again.

The bread is chock full of gluten-y doom, and so is the soup. Why oh why does tomato soup have wheat in it? But, that’s another topic and recipe all together.

Now is the time for a grown up grilled cheese on hearty gluten-free bread.

Back in April Pithy and Cleaver celebrated the Grilled Cheese sandwich, and I chose one of their gooey grilled concoctions for our meal plan.

The winner was Grilled Goat’s Cheese with Prosciutto and Eucalyptus Honey.

While I didn’t have any Eucalyptus honey, I did have some organic honey that did the job very well. Honey may seem like it can only be used to make thing sweet, but it also does a great job in heightening the savoriness in a dish.

Pithy and Cleaver is completely correct in saying that this is a sandwich you’ll want to make again, right after finishing your first. However, this wasn’t a reality for us because we used all of the prosciutto, and because we ought to cut back on our portions.

Seriously though, I will make these again later. The prosciutto was Boar’s Head Brand, and the package stated that it was gluten free. However, it was rather expensive at 7 dollars for 3 ounces.

I used some of the Hearty Whole Grain Bread I baked, and some Mont Chevre goat cheese.

Oh my, I can still feel warmth in my soul from this sandwich. It’s basically a take on the Croque Monsieur or hot ham and cheese, but it’s a delicious salty, sweet, and gooey concoction that is fork-tastic.

Please, do yourself a favor and have one, or two, or three.

P.S. The recipe said it serves 2, but I got 3 really well sized sandwiches out of it and had cheese leftover.

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