Purple Potato & Carrot Quiche


Monday night I cooked up the delicious, and beautiful, Purple Potato and Carrot Quiche from Karina’s Kitchen.

I’m not sure if the variety of purple potato she used was a sweet potato or not. I of course used the Okinawan sweet potato, which I have learned is not really from Okinawa originally. It made its way from China to the Americas, and it became popular in Hawaii and in Okinawa. In Japan they are sometimes called beni imo. It can be served as part of a savory dish, as you’ve seen in my Portuguese Green and Purple Stew, or it can be served as part of a sweet dish like cheesecake or pie. They also make great mashed potatoes.

When I went to my local farm stand this week I saw that there were 3 varieties of locally grown sweet potatoes available. There were Molokai gold, Molokai purple, and Okinawan purple. Sweet Mary, who runs the stand, sent me home with one of her Okinawan potatoes for free. She isn’t sure how they are yet, and this is her first time growing them. Mary told me to cook it up and tell her how it turns out. Yes ma’am! I also purchased some Molokai purple potatoes. They’ll be put into my Portuguese stew next week.

So, back to Karina’s quiche. And, oh, what a sweet quiche it was. I could handle a few more quiches. I like little quiches, and I like big quiches.

Okay, enough quiche jokes, because this was definitely worth my time. It was also worth me not realizing how long it was going to take, and then having to eat it at nearly 8pm. Whoops.

The best thing for us gluten-free people is that this quiche has no crust. Absolutely no crust. There’s not even a fake potato crust. Yet, it holds up really well. It holds up better if you put it in the fridge to chill, and then reheat the slices as we discovered the next morning.


Making this dish also allowed me to roast up a mess of veggies. Which, I then served with eggs for breakfast 2 days later. Roasted vegetables really are the best. People love food that is roasted because it has an effect of creating a home cooked, loving feeling inside. I should do that more often.

I made this quiche with Tillamook Swiss Cheese slices. Oh my gosh, how good is swiss cheese? This one has a very mild, and mellow flavor that the mouth has to take a moment to sort out, and then it’s a very happy mouth. I find myself sneaking pieces of the leftover cheese, just like I did when I was a little girl.

So go on, cook this up, and give someone a big fat QUICHE!

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