Camping Trip 2

Our little camping trip didn’t flow quite as well as it should have.

I planned out all of the food, packed everything up (except the potatoes, oops) and was ready to go.

There was just one little problem once we reached the cabin: I forgot to bring the cooler.

Thankfully I had been unable to pack a lot of the produce, so it went up with us. We also had some of the other non-cooler foods.

So, the first night we had the soup, bread, and a little salsa-mole with fresh lime juice.

The first breakfast was switched to the hot cereal with strawberries, spices, and bananas. J had also brought up some gluten-free banana bread.

This was J’s first attempt at baking gluten-free, and even though the bread was very soft and had fallen, it was delicious. She thought it to be too grainy (brown rice, coconut, and garbanzo bean flours were used), but I’ve learned to accept the variety of textures in gluten-free baked goods. J informed me that I’ll be the recipient of many bags of Bob’s Red Mill gluten-free flours when she goes on her annual trip to the mainland. I will be a happy girl to have the flours, but will of course miss her while she is gone.

Saturday afternoon we ate the Mori Nu tofu with the Seeds of Change Jalfrezi Simmer Sauce, zucchini, broccoli, and onions. I found some white rice in the cabin, gave it a good wash, and cooked it up.

After lunch Devin drove J’s boyfriend back down to the house so he could go work that evening. Devin grabbed the cooler and came back up.

Saturday night we had vegetarian chili, from Barbara Kingsolver’s “Animal, Vegetable, Miracle” site. I had soaked the beans all night and all day, but they were still al dente after cooking for an hour and a half. We ate it happily anyway. I added zucchini to the pot for more vegetables, color, and texture. I also had some extra since the zucchinis from the farm stand were so huge. No, I’m not complaining. Salad was served as well.

When I got home I put the leftovers into the crockpot and cooked it until the beans were tender, accidentally overnight. LOL

Sunday morning we all woke up late, and I made a delicious veggie frittata, courtesy of Kingsolver. I added some goat cheese to half of the frittata for Devin and I, since J doesn’t eat cheese. This was accompanied by a fresh fruit salad of strawberries, bananas, and apple with a little lime juice to preserve the colors. We worked on more of the banana bread.

Our final lunch was the soda bread, hummus, and a big salad. J really enjoyed the hummus, which I had seasoned with some Madras Curry Powder. I had put quite a bit of olive oil on top, so it was a little rich for me, but I contentedly ate my salad.

During all of this we snacked on the chocolate mochi cake, which we all thought was very brownie like. It held up well at room temperature, just as was stated.

There was plenty of firewood, but no rain. We had good company, and a wonderful hike through the pastures and into the woods. J had some good meditation and time to think, Devin let down his hair, and I learned how to make do with cooking a little more.

I also learned that my stomach still isn’t fond of coffee. It’s too much of a stimulant I guess. I wonder if this is common among those with Celiac Disease of gluten intolerance. Does it affect any of you?

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