Restaurant Review: Mulligans on the Blue in Kihei (Wailea)

From a previous post, separated out for ease of finding information.

Mulligans on the Blue. This is an Irish restaurant, and no it’s not on the water. It’s actually on a golf course. From what I was told, it’s the old clubhouse/restaurant for the Wailea Blue Course, from which Mulligans took part of its name.

Don’t even dream of eating dinner here. Just about everything looks to be covered in gluten, and I wouldn’t risk cross contamination for the world there. However, I did have some delicious vanilla ice cream and alcoholic beverages(Mojito and Sandtrap). There is no gluten free beer, and the hard cider is a gluten containing brand.

Mulligans on the Blue
Located on the Wailea Blue Course
across from the Kea Lani Hotel

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