Rachael Ray’s Crockpot Indian Curry


Yesterday I whipped up some of Rachael Ray’s crockpot Indian curry. I first saw the recipe over at Crockpot365, and then I saw it again later on the Rahcael Ray site. I ended up following the directions from the RR site, but left my chicken breasts frozen like on CP365.

Following the directions from RR I didn’t put the chicken at the bottom of the crock, but at CP365 she did. I wish I had, just so it would have absorbed more of the curry flavor.

The curry turned out pretty good, but on a scale of 1 to 5, Devin and I give it a 3. We weren’t impressed, but we’ll eat the leftovers and possibly make this meal again.

Now, I’ve heard that anything in the grocery store called “curry powder” is just wrong wrong wrong. However, even Rachael Ray uses it. Not everyone believes she’s a great chef, but she does great food. Heck, she has a cult following. Typically when a celebrity known for doing something well puts out a talk show, it’s a flop. But not Ray. She’s got staying power, and way too much energy.

So, if she puts out great recipes why did we only give this one a 3?

Well, it just wasn’t amazing. We’ve had better. It’s not a flop, but it’s not worth going out of your way to make. It is simple, it does taste good, and it fills up the belly.

Perhaps we’re picky, and so we’re not fans of the “curry powder” from the store spice racks. Maybe the Madras Curry Powder I have would make things better.

So, no worries. Eat up if you’d like to. I’ll stick to my other curry recipes, and continue to hunt for other curries with “Mmm” factor.

P.S. A friend of mine gave me a new gluten-free cookbook as a graduation gift. I’ll be choosing a recipe from it to make this week.

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