Meal Plan for May 14-20

Thursday Dinner: Vegan Indian Curry

This went over very well. Our carnivorous friend brought a can of beef stew. It was Dinty Moore, and was gluten-free. I was happy to cook it in our cookware for him.

Friday-Wednesday (No Saturday, No Sunday):

Crockpot Shepherd’s Pie
Crockpot Indian Curry
Black Bean and Pumpkin Enchiladas
Lentils with Burnt Onions (adapted from a Mark Bittman recipe)

Well, it looks like one of the above will be shifted to the following week. We’re heading out to a friend’s house for dinner and to talk story and watch a TV series she enjoys.

I’ll have to cook a big pot of black beans for the enchiladas, but that can possibly happen next week. The lentils could also be held over. It’s nice when meals can be flexible like that.

I’m currently baking chocolate chip cookies to take over to our friend’s home. I still need to get cleaned up to go.


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